Wednesday, 28 September 2011

10 more sleeps

A pretty normal day sharing our favorite places in Chinatown with MsMac including where we have our massages, do sho mei restaurant, shoo mei man, where we eat dim sum most, favorite places for 'grown up' meals but forgot to show her the 3D Trick Museum.

Excitement kicked in big time today when we received confirmation of flights. While planning with works travel agents, DH phoned to ask me ‘would you like to fly via Singapore’ to which I said 'oh honey, yes please' but let me check first (BF, MsP is settling in bub no4 and at only 6 weeks, it was best to ask than turn up and say SURPRISE even tho part of me really wanted to do that)

MsP's as excited as we are!  We were with MsP and Co over Christmas/NY 2010/11 and are very excited to be returning so soon. We'll meet DH in London on Tuesday morning.

Marina Bay Sands
Merlion on Sentosa Island

On the way to school I took the car into Camel Japan for a valuation and to let them know when we’ll drop it off.

'Syd' Spacio and Mia in Nikko

Saw MsR walking every so slowly up the hill and looking very pale.  She and MissT hopped into my car to wait for MissJ and MissM for the quick drive home. Afternoon tea was served while MsR rested, and we chatted while I cooked Rosh Hashana dinner.

After a Mathletics session for MissM’s homework, we skyped with Mum, BoM, SIL and kids in Sydney just as DH arrived home.

The 3of us sat at the dining room table as a family for the first time in over 2 weeks. It was so enjoyable sitting, chatting, sharing, laughing together. Let’s hope the working day is shorter in UK than it is in Japan so we can do this more often.

I think at some point we have to stay home and pack a few suitcases cos this time next week we’ll have left Leyton House behind us and in one way started our new adventure.
Our Home. Leyton House, Chinatown

With friendship

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