Tuesday, 27 September 2011

11 sleeps

Yesterday was MissM’s last swimming lesson at Breezeway. The manager came up to me at reception and had a piece of paper in his hand. In slow English he read ‘thank you so much for sharing your daughters swimming care with us. She is lovely child and has performed well. We wish you only happiness in England. We will pray for you and your families good health until we meet again’

Took me all my time to stand, smile and bow before the tears started to well.

After the lesson, he took MissM aside and read the same note to her. He put his hand out to her and they shook hands, then she stepped back and bowed to him, a slow, deep respectful bow. 

Again, the tears welled.

Last night was my last book club with my Yokohama girlfriends. There are about 17 of us on the email list.  I was so lucky with my book club in Dublin, and this one. Fingers crossed for Winchester.

Tuesday September 27

MissM’s wanting to chat with the school councilor about her feelings, so I spoke with her to make sure she follows up with MissM’s home teacher for an appointment. I’m so happy that MissM talks with us about things, but equally happy that she feels comfortable talking about intimate things with this teacher.

We don’t have the ‘normal’ extended network of ‘aunties and uncles’ tho MissM’s close to one or two of our friends. It’s so important for her to have other adults aside from us to talk to about things.

Had a fun day with MsP and MsE at China Pete’s. Found a Japanese inspired (blue and white of course) dinner set, now to decide to keep it for ‘entertaining’ or simply enjoy it everyday. Oprah reminds me NOT to keep things for only special occasions but to rejoice in every day, so we’ll see.

We're leaving Japan with wonderful memories, meaningful artworks and ornaments and most of all FRIENDS.

MsB original artwork featuring places and images that are important to us reminds us of her and her family (also work with DH), the silk, hand painted wall hanging with our names, and the Japanese symbol for 'family' and 'love' is literally a one off; the antique wood block press; several Ikebana vases and the ability to create several Ikebana designs is something I will treasure (might even try to find a class and continue learning); plus other bits'n'pieces that we hope will still look 'just right' in our new home.

As of 4.50pm this evening we’re booked into the Pan Pacific from next Wednesday. Seems we’ve come full circle. We started our time in Japan one month shy of 3 years.

At this point in time, tomorrow is quiet, showing MsMac our favourite places in Chinatown.

With friendship

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