Thursday, 29 September 2011

9 sleeps

Last nights dinner was wonderful!

Thanks to CousinAL we knew the order of the prayers, and what to say; I found a round loaf of bread at Pompadour bakers, which we had with smoked salmon for starters, followed by schnitzel and mash (vegies for me). We dipped apple'n'honey, we reflected on our time in Japan, and talked about our hopes for our new adventure. All in all a great family dinner.
Our table. Challah cloth from Prague, the bowls with apple'n'honey are Japanese as are the cutlery stands,
candle stick was a farewell gift from our wonderful neighbours in Dublin.

I’m sure I’m supposed to be rushing around, doing lots of last minute things but nope, feeling very calm and organized.

I have wanted to go explore Tokyo Midtown since Mr. and MrsA had their sayonara there 18 months ago (Gosh, have you guys been in Paris that long already?)

Taken me a while to get there, but today was the day. MsS and MsE joined me at the “50th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition "Art revisited, beauty revealed" III With the Special Exhibits of the Corning Museum of Glass "The Yearning of Venetian Glass: Beauty that traversed Oceans and Times’ – don’t you love the title?

MsS and I have shared several memorable exhibitions over the past 3 years. I will miss her company very much and hope she finds a new gallery-buddy soon.

Check out Tokyo Midtown and the exhibition at

The 3 of us then enjoyed a delicious light Italian lunch at Restaurant Napole. We had bubbles to celebrate MsS’s birthday too.

I got back to school in time to join MissM’s class do their very first Taiko lesson. Sensei Chris was great with the kids, teaching them new Japanese words along with basic rhythms. Even I had a go!
Sensei Chris gets MsM to help him settle the class into the sitting position

Demonstrating the smaller taikyo's

MissM’s enjoying a play date with two of her BF’s – the laughing and chatting between three 7 year old girls is contagious. When we met the twins just over two years ago they could not speak a word of English but that did not stop MissM and the girls becoming the best of friends. To listen to them today you’d think they were bilingual since birth.
Explaining to MsM what's going on at KidZania (which is all in Japanese)

Their mum is also one of my wonderful friends who I shall miss more than words can say. 

That’s the hardest part of moving on, saying sayonara to great friends.

No big decisions were made today.

No dramas.

No change of plans.

A good day.

With friendship

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