Sunday, 25 September 2011

13 sleeps

We’ll be THERE instead of HERE.

While things don’t usually change much day to day, these next 13 days will be unusual cos every day something is happening or will happen that will influence our opinion thereby changing plans. OR nothing will change and DH will go to work everyday, MissM will go to school and I’ll buzz around with friends in between making sure the apartment is ready for packing next week.

I thought it might be fun to blog every day, so you can experience this final phase of ‘leaving’ and of course, continue it with the ‘arrival’. Life won’t be ‘normal’ again for us for at least 6-8 weeks.

Hope you enjoy the ride.

Monday September 26

DH arrived home last night jet lagged and with a head cold.

MissM asked him to take her to school, and then cried her little heart out when it was time to go into class. He assured her he’s not going anywhere, will be home for dinner and that we are all leaving together. She stopped crying but made him promise all those things before she went into class.

I went to the supermarket for the last food shop. We’ll eat down the food in the fridge/freezer and when it’s empty we’ll eat out. DH looked for something to nosh on yesterday and asked ‘where’s all the food gone’ to which I just laughed and said we’ve either eaten it or I’ve given it away.

I’ve spent the rest of the day so far sorting thru the buffet in the dining room; taking stock of what’s in the laundry in terms of cleaning products for the ‘final clean’ next week; going thru MissM’s winter clothes (outgrown on one side, taking with on the other) and completing MissM paperwork to resign from school.

Appointments with our global bank need to be confirmed this week; we need to go to the Prefecture Office and request the paperwork needed to sell the car; take the car to dealer for a valuation and finalize the sale details.

Need to phone Tokyo Leasing and organize for the few electrical items to be picked up.

DH has to organize with work a hotel in Yokohama from Oct 5 – 8; book tickets to London and work with Relocation Company to confirm serviced accommodation from Oct 8 – whenever; book hire car.

Then it’s back to moi to co ordinate with Relocation Company for appointments with real estate agents and schools for towards the end of the week so we can get over any jetlag and feel like we’ve ‘landed’

Oh and MissM’s sayonara party at school on the 7th needs to be confirmed with her teacher and Tortelicious (cake maker)

Gosh I need a strong drink and best post this so I can get cracking before I collect MissM and take her for her last swimming lesson,

With friendship

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