Friday, 23 September 2011

14 more sleeps .....................

We have been so focused on DH coming home tomorrow that we didn’t realize we’ve only 14 sleeps left in Japan.

Distant dates always seem to take forever to eventuate yet when you’re down to counting sleeps you can’t help but think ‘oh my goodness, that came around fast’. Gotta love human nature!

Too hot want it cooler.

Too cold, you want it hotter.

Too dry, you crave for rain

Too much rain, you yearn for sunny days.

Too much time, not enough time.

Straight hair wants to be permed.

Curly hair beckons to be straightened

You get the pattern.

Anyhow, 14 more sleeps is kinda nice after waiting since May.

Quick update on the move:
Relo company sent thru a list of private schools they have contacted on our behalf who have a place for MissM, pending application process. Having spent hours online, reading every sentence on each website I came up with my preferred list. DH is yet to do his. He says ‘school is your domain’ and while I’m pleased with his total trust on the subject, it has to be one we are ALL happy with.

We decided to make a move on a private school simply because we don’t have to live in a dedicated catchment area. We can do the meet’n’greet, school tours, MissM can do whatever assessments that might be required, and fingers crossed she can be in uniform within a (few) week/s of arriving.

Found what looks like a fabulous school in Winchester. Fingers crossed it all works out with applications. Obviously we won’t do that til we have visited the school(s) to make our final decision.

I marvel at friends who have 2+ kids! Getting them into the same school must be a nightmare at times. I remember MsC in Dublin sharing her pearls of wisdom when we were told YIS was not able to accept Mia when we arrived. I was a mess! MsC has enrolled her 3 kids in numerous schools all over the world for their entire school lives. She explained ‘that one sends polite emails explaining why the said school is your first and only choice, then if you have no success and you arrive in your new country you sit outside the principal or bursers office very politely until a place can be found. If one needs to resort to tears then do so. Your child’s education is worth it. Every school can accommodate one more child’ (or words to that effect)

I loved the advice then and I love it now. Our relo company seems to think the same – especially as we are with such a large global organization.

So fingers crossed that this situation shall find a positive solution – they always do tho, don’t they?

Typhoon Roko Japans 15th typhoon this year ensured this was the shortest school week for the year. Monday (public holiday), Tuesday (school), Wednesday (typhoon), Thursday (school) and Friday (pupil free day). Thank goodness DH is home Sunday!

The winds and rain picked up steadily all afternoon and by 6-7pm if was ferocious!  Have to admit, that there were a few enormous gusts of wind that not only rattle the large glass sliding doors we have on every room, but rattle me too. So much so I moved the bed, as far into the centre of the bedroom as possible for fear the glass would blow in during the night.

It had blown past by 9pm so we slept soundly.

Thursday was a Grade 2 picnic in Yamashita Park which was fun. The kids like the parents (aka mums) being there, so we go, and rather than sitting in Starbucks chatting we sit under a tree while the kids play.

MissM is doing OK. Most of her friends are busy with after school activities which is hard for her as she wasn’t able to join any ‘cos we’re leaving’ (so tired of saying that) so it’s lots of afternoons at home with me. Luckily MissM enjoys her own company and can keep herself occupied, or we do a puzzle, or play a board game. I still can’t play with Barbie no matter how much I love MissM.

We are spending the day getting the house organized for DH’s return tomorrow and cooking his favorite meal.

With friendship

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