Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What have I gone and done?

A few weeks ago MrsC asked me if I'd like to join her and a few other mums from school in a walk-a-thon that raises money for breast cancer.  

"I'd love to, thank you for asking me' I said not really sure of what I was getting involved with. But I figured hanging out with friends going for the occasional long walk would be fun.

Now those of you who don't know me need to know a few things to understand the OMG she did what????  aspect of this situation.

·      I don't walk. I drive most places. The most walking I ever did on a regular basis was the first year living in Japan, and even then we took cabs when it was wet, windy, too hot, too cold (get the picture).
·      I know I should park as far away from the entrance to shopping malls etc as I can, and sometimes I do.
·      I have invested huge sums of money over the years in various gyms with very little return, all of which was completely my fault as I seldom did the ‘3 times a week’ thing.
·      For obvious reasons, I am unfit (tho not that bad for my age)
·      I'm carrying a few too many kilo's
·      I don't play, nor have I ever played any sport (even managed to talk my way out of most school sports as a kid)
·      The only gym I’ve ever enjoyed going to was Curves Gym so much so I averaged 2-3 workouts a week (that was in Dublin and more recently here, in the UK)
·      I discovered kick boxing in Japan, and really enjoyed it. Think it was all those years dancing as a child; the  co ordination was easy and enjoyable.
·      I did not enjoy, nor did I participate in running around the playing fields to warm up before kick boxing
·      I tried a few work out classes at the Club we belonged to but was embarrassed how badly I went compared to others that iI stopped.
·      I can't ride a bike (bad sense of balance)
·      I don't run, play tennis or squash, don't like basketball or netball, or swim.
·      I cried my way thru my first Pilate's class, tho I did return for several more before 'it' beat me.

Recently I have been totally motivated by a friend in Yokohama who has gone on an incredible journey of motivation and stamina in terms of exercise and diet, and she looks amazing.

I'm tired of my loose baggy clothes.

I want to be able to enjoy summer clothes on our next vacation.

Unlike most people who have to try to find time to work out, I have so much time on my hands, that it seems wrong not to.

I have recently started working out once a week with a personal trainer and surprisingly enjoy it very much!
 She pushes me, but also respects my limitations. I’m determined this time to make a difference to myself.

My diet, indeed the contents of the fridge, freezer and pantry are now more akin to a Low GI regime which is so much easier than i thought AND I'm already seeing great results (my jeans are falling off my hips)

So, knowing all this about me now, you can see how comical it is that I have agreed to be part of Winchester Wonder Women’s team entry into the 2013 London Moonwalk, a 26 mile walk in aid of breast cancer.

MrsA commented that I am brave, which is very kind.

At 8.50 this morning, the website was open on my laptop, my fingers were poised to hit the ENTER key at 9am sharp when applications opened.

I was nervous – what if the others got in and I didn’t.
OMG what if I got in and they didn’t (that would be far worse)
What the ???? if I get in.

At this stage DH didn’t even know I was considering this!

My emotions surprised me. Maybe I wanted to do this more than I thought.

I’ve got oodles of fundraising ideas swirling around my head, tho I know I should probably have a walking regime happening!

Since my application was accepted (all they did was take my money online so a no brainer there), I’ve been anxious, excited, scared, and nervous all at the same time.

In many ways, I’m keen to get started cos if I close my eyes, I can see a healthier, slimmer me maybe not at the finish line but as close to it as I can manage.

With friendship

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