Monday, 25 February 2013

A good few days

Life is continuously teaching us things about ourselves.

No idea who said it, but 'the day you stop learning is the day you die' or words to that effect spring to mind.

Some of the challenges, or life lessons life throws us are often met with 'why me', well why not? And some are simply 'WTF?'

A dear friend once said to me during one of my (many) crises, you're obviously a young soul who still has lots to learn. It helped make a few of the toughest lessons a bit easier to take.

Lessons come in all shapes and sizes.

Some lessons are incredibly uplifting and we seek them out. Think of the last course you took (anything from a craft, to a university course, cooking, art, language etc), or a starting an exercise regime, learning how to cope without smoking (or chocolate), moving house/country, starting a new job. Others somehow find us, a friendship goes sour and you ask why, or a relationship breaks down, an outside influence changes the status-quo on you, you said no to something when after a while you realise you should have said yes (or the other way round). Guess that's why I enjoyed the movie Trainspotting - one move the opposite direction, or arriving 2 minutes early/later and BAM! whole new story unfolds.

My most recent life lesson has been slowly crystallising and I feel very calm now I've stopped and acknowledged what it was and what I've learnt.

It's been a good lesson to learn, and none too soon.

I'm not going to go into details, but I'm glad it's happened and I get 'it' now. A weight has been lifted and it's all good.

It was never us, or me, or them. It was and remains the situation, the circumstances with which we live and survive.

No one was wrong.

No one was right.

It's just different because of who we are and how we live.

It's finally a peaceful acceptance of the situation and now that's happened, it's absolutely fine.

Has this lesson come my way before and been ignored? Wonder why? It seems one of the more simple ones to have mastered.

It will, I hope, hold me in good stead for 'the next time' and for that I am grateful.

What life lesson has come your way recently?

When did you realise what it was?

How did you respond?

How do you feel now you've acknowledged it and hopefully learned from it?

While all this is going on, let me say that sometimes, shit happens and there's no explanation or life lesson at all.

With friendship

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  1. very mysterious and thoughtful! I have always had trouble with accepting that things happen for a reason but that nevertheless sometimes don't make sense, at least not at first. I wonder if the universe teaches us the same lesson until we get it - and I hope there is no reincarnation!!!