Tuesday, 26 February 2013

An odd feeling

The photographer is due any minute to take photos of the interior of the house.

Since the weekend, I've eyed our home from a new perspective - it's an odd feeling.

As in most rental properties, putting hooks of any description in walls to hang pictures is a no-no, so most of our artwork (and we have quite a lot of wonderful memories to hang) are strategically placed on the floor of the rooms they would otherwise be hanging in.
One day my First Ikebana certificate will be on the wall for all to see

Only one hook at Newgrange got hung. The other two, photos from our wonderful photo shoot at Sankien with
Maka-san, and Winchester Cathedral, my birthday present from Mum will have to wait.

This beautiful original Japanese crayon and washi paper original should not be on the floor in any home,
but sadly we ran out of picture hooks.

It hasn't annoyed me, til now.

There's still several boxes of G's home office unpacked, on the floor that probably haven't been touched since the day we arrived, but protect boxes of various software packages, work related documentation and other stuff that he might need one day.

It hasn't annoyed me, til now.

We had a silk wall hanging custom made in Yokohama with our names hand painted in Japanese and the symbol that encompasses the word for love and family which hangs on an really inexpensive rod for want of a better word. It's taken a while now (Ok, nearly 2 years if not more) to work out how best to hang it (as there is a slip for a rod to be placed thru) but still haven't had it done as finding the right craftsman has been difficult.

Cannot wait to have this hanging in our home. It's such a personal reminder of the
 wonderful three years in Japan.

It hasn't annoyed me, til now.

Obi's are the wide silk sashes worn around the waist when wearing a Kimono. I bought a stunning Obi at Machida Markets, and yes, you guessed right, it's still folded up waiting to be hung properly.

It's always annoyed me that it's not hanging up as it's magnificent.

This will one day be hung in our lounge room.
The orange will 'pop' against our black furniture

While living in Dublin, MrsS and I went to Prague for a weekend. The two magnificent marionette puppets still don't have a proper place to call home. They are currently hanging from the mantelpiece of the fireplace in the sitting room.

It has annoyed me for a while now that they don't have a proper place to be displayed. That's because I'm still unsure how to do it.

G was given the MOST magnificent farewell gift when he left Japan. It's a cloisonne image of a red Fuiji-san. We haven't hung it up simply because the explanation of the significance of receiving a red Fuji-san is huge and the painting should be hung so Fuji-san faces west - there are no west facing walls in our house. So it sits, in it's box waiting for the our next home.

It's not annoying but disappointing that we can't display this very unique piece of art in our home for now.

However, the oddest feeling of all is when i was tidying each room for presentation for photos to be used in a brochure to sell the house. I wanted every room to be 'just so' and it's not even my house. There is no benefit to me/us what's so ever in it looking beautiful and being sold.

MrsA is selling their home at the moment and I can only imagine what she is going thru on a daily basis making sure everything is just so, just in case the real estate agent phones for a viewing.

The odd feeling of looking at your home and all that's in it from the perspective of a strangers camera and where those images will end up, and the number of strangers who will see them and comment about the lack of paintings on the walls, or the odd puppets hanging from the mantelpiece makes me know that this is our home, and will be our home until the day the new owners ask us to leave.

PS: I also realise there's a lot of things that have been hanging around (excuse the pun) and need attending to. I'm going to sign off now and google framers, and interior design shops to see if I can find someone clever enough to create a way to hang these very unique and special memories.

PSS: The really odd thing is that all bar the new stuff (obviously) was hanging up in our 3 bedroom apartment so I'm wondering if the walls looked like a mish-mush art gallery?

With friendship

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