Thursday, 21 February 2013

Didn't need this either

This morning I spent several hours on amazon trying to purchase a £10 recorder for MissM to use this term in music, and a £7.99 Airfix starter kit for her to use in Carousel (after a year at school I'm still unsure what this is).

It's taken several attempts and still I've not been successful. My credit card is not being accepted despite their being money in our account (yes, I even checked to make sure)

I was successful in ordering a bunch of flowers for a friends birthday (if you are reading this before they arrive, SURPRISE honey!)

My mobile rang with an unidentified number earlier this afternoon, and I ignored it. Don't like answering calls from unidentified numbers. Plus I was enjoying a chat and coffee with MrsMc who'd come to collect her girls.

I returned the call once they'd left only to have a very muffled message from our bank with a 'please call urgently'

So I did.

Hello MrsF (tho I'm not Mrs anyone, I get called MrsF often) My name is (insert any name here you like as I've no idea who i spoke to). Thank you for calling back. Before we continue, what was the reference code left with the message? So I tell him, and then answer several security questions to confirm I am me.

MrsF, may I ask you if you have shopped at such-n-such hairdressers on Friday last week? 
May I ask, did you shop at the Chinese supermarket in Winchester on that same day?
Why, yes I did.
Thank you. MrsF, did you shop online today at Flowers for Everyone?
And also, did you shop at amazon earlier today?
I tried to but have had difficulty having payments for £10 and £7.99 authorised. May I ask, what's the issue?
MrsF, I do not want to alarm you, but I have one more question. Did you buy a laptop from an online company called Laptop Direct for £1,735 today?
Thank you MrsF. We will cancel your card and issue you a new one as there was fraud conducted on it today by someone trying to buy a laptop.
Thank you very much for following this up. How did they get my card number? Just run by those other transactions again please.
(and he does)
WOW, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. How long til my new card arrives.
MrsF, we will endeavour not to inconvenience you any more than you have been. Your new card will arrive within 7-10 working days. Please cut up the one you have as we have cancelled it and will be following up on the attempted fraud. No funds have left your account other than the ones you have approved.
Well, thank you very much!

Didn't need this!
Now I'm cardless!

Just texted G to ask him to bring home cash as there's groceries to be bought, and an airfix model!

With friendship

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