Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Looks like we're moving THERE

My goodness this new opportunity is moving fast! Looks like Adventure No 4 is imminent. It's still a secret, so please remember to keep it to yourself, thanks.

We're moving THERE (pending contract)

YONDER haven't got back to G in a few days. We've had more time to research and discuss YONDER and had pretty much decided that it wasn't for us, so it's a relief that THERE is happening.

THERE have discussed and agreed to details of remuneration albeit it verbally, which leaves HR to dot the i's and cross the t's and issue paperwork. Which funnily enough still doesn't mean it's a done deal, tho by the time we're at this stage we fell confident but you just don't know til the ink is dry on that contract.

They need G to start ASAP which means MissM and I will be left to fend for ourselves over the next several weeks as G flies THERE and back Monday - Thursday until we pack the house and move early August (MissM will finish out the school year here). This will surely make for some interesting chats over the coming months.

G's parents arrive May 18 - August 2nd. They know he's working mad crazy hours and weren't expecting to see him during the week. However, we're not quite sure how to tell them he won't be around at all, other than weekends which sux. In fact, we have to tell them, and my family we're outta here at some point.

They are taking MissM away for a few nights over May midterm and we're planning on a city break. Told G this evening that this is not negotiable even with the new role! If he can't join me, I'll go on my own and I mean it!

There's nothing to tell people until the contract is signed.

We've decided we don't want to announce it too soon as we don't want school or friends to check out early - we also don't want MissM having to deal with the next few months knowing we're moving - a couple of weeks towards the end of term will be enough.

It's only been 18 months since we arrived, and slightly less since our shipment arrived and I opened 128 boxes and set up this house, but in many ways it feel so much longer.

In a really weird way, I'm looking forward to the packers being here,

With friendship


  1. sounds like you are really positive which means it must feel like the right thing to do, in your gut, which is the best test I think. It will be a crazy few months for you - perhaps you'll look back at the time here and wish you were bored again! I'll keep fingers crossed that it works out as you wish.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Margarita. We are positive about each move we make, and this one is not different. Prefer a crazy few months than months of boredom LOL. Thank you for your good wishes. Much appreciated.
    Have you ever expated? Where?