Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Phase 4 (part 4) The Saga of School is Over

Early last week, there were two schools to be considered.

That was reduced very quickly to none.

Plan C kicked had to kick in.

School No 1 from Dublin Visit
  • After a quick tour of the school with the Deputy Head, we were very happy to enrol MissM, however we left without a letter of offer.
  • By Friday, we received a rejection letter stating they have no place in year 3, but didn't think we wanted that anyways. 
  • They do however have one place in year 4 but didn't offer it to us as they don't think MissM is curriculum ready as she'd be missing the Irish Year 3.
  • Their advice was to ask to be put onto the waiting list for year 3, and/or look for another school.
  • We really want this school! 
  • It comes HIGHLY recommended by friends and it's facilities are state of the art.
  • There's no way MissM could jump an academic year to Irish year 4 (UK Year 5) and as we didn't ask for that we were left wondering WT?????????????????

School No 2 from Dublin Visit
  • Too small (53 kids Montessori - Year 6) 
  • She'd be in a composite class of year 4, 5 and 6 - no thanks.
  • Has very limited, to non existent resources
  • While we still like the PYP (primary years program) we feel another couple of years in more 'traditional' learning environment will hold her in good stead for when we need her to be in a PYP/IB school

School 3

  • As School 1 doesn't have a place in Year 3, and we have chosen not to go on a waiting list we had to find a new school.
  • School 3 was also recommended by friends 
  • Fabulous detailed website
  • They start at Montessori and go thru to year 12 (offer IB for the last two years)
  • They have offered MissM a place in year 3 based on her birthdate and will hold it open for us til July 9th
  • G toured the school and was very impressed, possibly more so than with School 1 which is interesting.

How the hell do families with 2+ kids do this????????????????????????????????

This isn't just an expat issue! EVERYONE has issues getting their kids into their chosen school. In Sydney I knew of people who as soon as they were confirmed pregnant paid their registration fees at a boys school and a girls school (or co-ed) - hedging their bets on gender and 9 months later cancelling the one they didn't need.

In Hampshire, the Government is saying they will be thousands of places short across all school years by 2105 - how did this happen???????????? Surely they know people are having babies, and babies eventually go to school.

Friends in Ireland are fighting their Governments ridiculous budgetary decisions in relation to special needs children. Some kids have to be sent home by 11am because the schools 'rights to a shadow' have been lost.

Education is fundamental to every single child.

We've happily decided to accept the offer from School 3. MissM's ok with it as it meets two out of three of her criteria - expats, and home made lunches (to be shared with school lunches on alternating days, how's that for a compromise). The only one she didn't get was to loose the school uniform, but she agreed, our mornings are less stressful when she wears one, and it is nice to 'belong'

So, Phase 4, School done.

With friendship

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