Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Phase 4 - School 'A Happy Ending'

We received the confirmation letter from School, WELCOMING MissM to Year 3, starting AUgust 2013.

We've got the link to the school books she'll be needing, uniform requirements and dates for the diary.

So very glad that's over and we can now focus on Phase 5 - HOUSE HUNTING.

In between tho, we've had drama's with our landlords who are being silly billies when it comes to our termination letter.

I was so stressed last week, that G kindly agreed that I could outsource what ever I needed to relieve the strain.

So I chose to outsource the decorating of MissM's birthday party (I have no idea where to buy this sort of thing other than online and didn't have the patience at this point to trawl websites looking for inspiration), along with the relocation out of here to our lovely relocation manager.

She's taken the brunt of the landlords crap (sorry, there's no other word to describe his offensive behavior) and only gives me the essence of what's needed to be known which has alievated a LOT of stress.

The packers finally phoned earlier today but I had to ask them to call back as i'd a house full of friends for lunch. I'd got lunch catered for (well, mostly) and was able to really enjoy the day with friends.

MissM's been in the middle of LOTS of girlie-grief this past two weeks which is taking it's toll on everyone.

The poor kid can't win - she's either spending too much time with one friend and annoying others, or not spending enough time with friends. She said the only solution is to cut herself up into tiny pieces so everyone can have a bit of her before she leaves.

Her farewell afternoon tea party and games at school was very enjoyable (she said). I was there for the first few minutes to deliver cup cakes and take a few photos.

We're all a bit higgledy piggledy at the moment.

G's on annual leave from Thursday; in laws arrive back from their jaunt aroudn Cornwell Thursday which co incides with last day of school; MissM's birthday Friday then we leave for holidays next week, come back and pack'n'move.

In between all this going on a really dear and long standing friend went into hospital for exploratory surgery to find out what a shadow was ........ my first cousin has a minor stroke ....... an acquaitance confided in me her cancer's back ...... and another friends mum was diagnosed terminal today.

Kinda puts things into perspective,

With friendship

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