Monday, 15 July 2013

Phase 5: Packing - Deja Vu

AHHHHHHH! Bubble wrap.

Welcome back.

It's been less than 2 years since we were together, and so many memories come rushing back as I hear the pop pop pop as the new roll is unwrapped.

There was so much of you the last time we were together, it was rather overwhelming. I did try to salvage as much as possible for future use, as I know that there will always be another time you'll come in handy, but there was just so much of you that sadly some of you went into the recycling bin.

Some of the saved pieces were used to wrap gifts that were sent to Sydney and elsewhere in the world;  other pieces were used to protect our precious Christmas decorations in their new shiny plastic air tight bins (the boxes were getting mouldy in the cellar). MissM popped a LOT of you just for fun.

G kindly bought a huge roll yesterday, similar to the ones in the photograph. He smirked at me and said 'see how much is left from this lot'

It took me nearly an hour of slicing sheets of bubble wrap and delicately folding each piece of MissM's sentimental bits'n'bobs on her Memory Table like fish'n'chips, making sure that each fairy wing was protected, or that each piece of china/porcelain would be cushioned while in the packing box.

Each piece has a story to share.

Where we were; who we were with; how old MissM was at the time; other things that might have happened around the same time; their place in MissM's life.

There's the Eiffel Tower and Moulin Rouge windmill from our time in Paris; there's the Chinese twins we saw outside numerous restaurants while living in Chinatown in Yokohama; there's the Golden Pavilion, Kyoto (weekend with Nana), magnificent Sakura floating in a glass ball; the 4 seasons Kokeshi dolls; A droplet of Guinness cousin J left for you on his first visit to Ireland; Sydney Tower, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from 'home' and many more precious memories from our various homes and trips.

Fairies holding crystals received as birthday gifts, a bottle of Fairy Dust your cousin S left for you when they visited,  the doll MsS gave you from South Africa as a gift when we left Yokohama, the Degas Ballet dancers from us as birthday gifts, and more.

If you keep collecting memento's at this rate, goodness knows how many memory tables you'll need by the time you move out of home!

What a wonderful way to remember and treasure your Adventures! Much better than collecting tea towels or thimbles.

It's not only MissM's memories that you help protect.

I usually try to keep as many boxes as possible from the original purchase as this helps greatly in ensuring our things move safely but sometimes it's not always possible (plus not everything comes in a box)

ALL MissM's pottery produced at school these past two terms is now encased in the protection of bubble wrap along with the 4 pieces I made.

As I'm wrapping our precious memories into bubble wrap, I can't help but think I've done this before; and I'll do it again in a few weeks when we UNwrap things and find each of them new locations within our new house. I'll find a place to store all the wrapping, MissM will pop some, some will be wrapped around gifts posted to Sydney .... then the rest will be recycled as there'll be too much to keep.

Then, we'll find out in 2-3 years we're moving and I'll ask G to buy an industrial size roll of bubble wrap to wrap all our precious memories in .... plus a few more we're sure to collect over the next Adventure.

Bubble wrap - I couldn't move with out you.

With friendship


  1. I loved this! Almost an Ode to Bubble Wrap! Which of course I googled and found a poem with a different ending...

    Hope you will find a place for everything, if not everything in its place. XX!

  2. Oh Margarita, I love the Ode to Bubble Wrap ....... it's so true! We entrust so much to this environmental enemy.