Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Schools a Huge Hit

We didn't have a great start to choosing MissM's school as you know from previous chats. As you recall, G chose this one in consultation with me, via websites.  MissM wasn't interested in looking at their (comprehensive) website. If Daddy said it's a good school, then it's a good school. Tho she was really sad NOT to have been part of the decision process as we'd hoped.

She didn't want to drive by and see the school when we arrived.

She wasn't interested in seeing anything on the website, or hearing anything about my discoveries.

She wanted to wait til school started to open her text and work books.

She was kinda interested when we bought the uniform, tho there's not much to get excited about a simply grey skirt, white shirt etc.

However, all that's in the past now as she LOVED her first day and is really looking forward to tomorrow.

Her teacher, MrP is 'awesome and so random' - awesome her word, random is his. Apparently he's a really random kinda dude (tho in a suit and tie)

He asked Mia 'where are you from' and she replied 'well, it depends what you really mean to ask me as in where was I born, or where did I live before here' While it sounds obnoxious, it's a pretty cool response from an expat kid.

Where are you from could mean any number of things.

MrP said, great question MissM .... where where you born because you don't sound like it was here in Ireland. Once we establish that, I'd love to know where else you've been.

So with a deep breath and a huge smile MissM launched into 'I was born in Sydney Australia. When I was two we moved to Dublin for 2 years, then 3 years in Japan and about 18 months in Winchester and now we're back here'


When it was time to leave MissM got a wee bit teary, which made me teary.

It only seems like a few months ago we dropped her off to her new school in Winchester and here she is starting another one.

This is her 5th school and she's only 9.

Montessori - Dublin
Elementary, Grade 1 and 2 - Yokohama.
Grade 2 and 3 - (2 x 3 month stint)s - Sydney
Year 2 and 3 - UK
Class 3 - Dublin

We go backwards, forwards a year depending on country. How people cope with 2+ kids is beyond me. The struggle to find places in the same school is one huge issue, let alone coping with what year they are 'supposed' to be in!

When I collected her at 1pm, she was all smiles and giggles.

She's made 3 new BF's tho 'it'll take time for them to be real friends tho they were very kind to me today and friendly so I hope they'll become real BF's'

In the car on the way home, she explained how this new school is really different to her old one; it's more casual, friendlier, ("I think I'll fit in way better here"), way more IT stuff like Apple macs in the classrooms, and iPads, and eReaders; the library is huge with really comfy chairs and lots of books;  on PE days you actually wear your entire PE uniform to school for the whole day (I reminded her she did this at YIS); homework will start next week.

When I told her we'd confirmed private singing lessons one afternoon a week with the Head of Music, she was ecstatic. We've also been able to book her into RAD Ballet classes held at school .... and are simply waiting on confirmation of her place in Drama - so all the things she loves she can continue with after school within the context of school but not in place of class time.

The funniest thing she said all day was you have to ask to go to the toilet in Irish! She can't speak Irish, so lucky she didn't have to go!

The fact that she's smiling and happy and has a few friends is all I wanted for her.

The rest will flow ............

With friendship

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