Friday, 23 August 2013

4 More Sleeps 'Til School starts

MissM's new school is certainly starting in fine style.

We're receiving information via email for NEW FAMILIES in small batches a couple of times a day. It's not annoying, but rather useful pieces of information in enough detail that you feel informed and not overwhelmed.

Today, as promised, we received the email from the Music Department outlining all there is to know about what's on offer, when, what you need to provide, what school provides, teachers contact details, timetable of lessons, price list for group and individual classes, during and after school options, registration process, payment requirements .... for the first time in a long time, I can't think of one question!

MissM is delighted she can continue her singing lessons, tho the school choir is for year 4 onwards which is a shame, but gives her another 12 months to mature into performing.

The information for Extra Cirricular Activities was just as informative. MissM squealed when she read Drama was available. I'm happy that swimming lessons are offered, and there is an option to do ballet too. I've emailed the ballet teacher to ask about RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) examination options before committing her.

We have even been sent a note introducing her to her teacher! His profile is on the school website, so she's been able to see him before meeting next week.

The information for parents in terms of Coffee Mornings (one of my favourite things), the Annual Dinner and other relevant dates has been received and entered into my trusty iPhone and backed up in my ol' fashioned pen'n'paper diary.

We put MissM's name stickers on her 14 text/work books last night and she had a quick peek inside each book (first time she's shown any interest in them).

I'm about to heat up the iron to iron on her name tags to clothes (check out Stuck on You for brilliant name tags and other fabulous stuff). Another clever Australian company that ships overseas!

Amongst all this happiness and satisfaction I can't help but feel anxious for MissM.

She's talked about how she feels about starting over A-G-A-I-N with friendships, how sad she is not to be starting year 4 with her friends in Kings Worthy, she's scared no one will like her (goodness knows where this is coming from, as she's never had a problem making and keeping friends), she's asked lots of questions about bullies, and we've talked about being different, and what's important.

This is her 5th school and she's only just turned 9.

It's not unlike your first day at a new job. New people, names to remember, slightly different ways of doing things, different policies and procedures. Even remembering where the loo's are or the canteen/cafeteria (what will they even call it?) is daunting.

I remember chatting the day we dropped her to school in Kings Worthy - we didn't know a soul, didn't go there by recommendaiton, and yet we kissed her on the cheek and hugged her at 8.15am and picked her up at 4.10pm and asked, 'did you have a great day?' it's absurd when you think about it.

Yet, here we go again this week.

My hope for MissM this time round is that she continues to be happy at school, that she makes a few good meaningful friends, that the teachers find what makes her tick, and allow her to be that person; that they guide her in a caring and kind way to where she needs to be, and that along the way they have fun, that she rises to challenges, tries lots of new things and maybe discover she likes some of what she tries, that she's the best MissM she can be.

It's what we all want for our kids, right.

With friendship


  1. We are starting school again as well. I hope your daughter loves her new school, makes quality friends quickly, and settles in shortly. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thank you :)
      You're kids are starting school 'again' too? All the very best for a happy year, with lots of new friends x