Saturday, 29 March 2014

Do You Believe?

Girls Night Out.

Good food.

A few bottles of Prosecco.

Lots of giggles and catching up.

Add, one well known, highly regarded medium and clairvoyant and what a girls night out you have!

MrsH and MrsNiF weren't totally convinced before they arrived, and it turns out simply accepted my invitation as a means of a long overdue girls night out. However, they left believing 'something' happened.

I'm a believer.

Always have been.

Always will be.

I can understand why people aren't, and sometimes find myself agreeing with their comments but I have had so many personal experiences that I know what I know. Last night, the woman we saw was very professional, caring, empathetic, direct and specific in her readings.

Maybe, like most things, unless you understand something, or have had a personal experience with something you doubt, you question, you're unsure. MrsD just popped in for a coffee and she asked how last night was. She's so not a believer! She laughed at everything I said happened and try to offer explanations ..... however, she did say she's curious to come next time we go.

Bernie didn't fish for names, or relationships like other mediums might do. She walked up to one young girl and said 'why do you have two dads?' Turns out she was adopted. Bernie said that her father who had passed was so grateful to her boyfriend (who was sitting next to her and had never met the dad), for loving her the way he does and helping her move on with her life in a positive way. Even the boyfriend (cos we know this is silly chick stuff most of the time) laughed nervously and said 'no way. How'd you know that?'

Bernie asked her about her dads watch - apparently she lost it at the bakery. YES! I did said the girl - I looked everywhere. Had the shopping centre security come in and take a report, all the staff stayed back to help me look. Bernie laughed and said 'yeah he knows. But it's gone. You're never getting it back. It's the buns you sold to a woman' Well, the young girl burst out laughing, as did everyone else. She said that's the conclusion everyone came to.

To another woman, 'Your dad wants you to sing the song you sang at his birthday. You haven't sung it since and it saddens him cos he knows it's yours and his favourite song' Well, she stared to sing softly, and soon the entire room was singing with her. Beautiful moment.

There were two ladies, we found out later they are sisters, sitting at a table of 8 friends; there's a long conversation going on, with them giving nothing away to Bernie as she's doing the reading. Simple, clipped yes, no, don't know kinda responses. Until Bernie says 'there was a fight or debate about where the young girl was to be buried' - it was funny how these two sisters jumped into conversation from being so quiet up til now. We could all tell that the issue of the burial site for this young girl was still an issue between them. Turns out, there was huge disagreement leading up to the funeral, with a compromise. Bernie told them it's time to get over it, that the young girl is content with where her body was buried because her spirit is with them all the time. The two ladies smiled at each other, stretched their hands across the table and we can only hope they have forgotten and forgiven.

Another older lady was so calm and quiet as Bernie talked to her about the car accident that took her two young grandchildren from the family, and the torment her son goes thru every day since. A couple of times, the microphone was turned off to allow them private conversation (Bernie is so not into sensationalism). I was crying quietly as you could sense this woman's relief that after 8 years, she knew her grandchildren were safe and OK.

There were one or two spirits who came to others last night as a result of suicide. Theses were really emotional for the people involved, and again, lots of time was spent off-mike. Sadly, suicide is rife the world over, and so these readings are always so emotional and powerful.

One man who was murdered by a friend wanted the mother of his son to know 'he knows' everything that happened, and she's to promise him not to tell their son' She smirked and said there's no way you know that to which Bernie smiled and continued with information. This young mum was quite shaken and we were all left to wonder did the two friends fight over her? Was he shot because of that? We'll never know.

No one came thru for me, which was a bit disappointing, but I figured we are a normal, happy family and set of friends. There's no murders, suicides, long standing disagreements to be talked thru, so I wasn't expecting anyone.

They were definitely in my thoughts, and are again today. I know if there's something they needed to let me know, they would have, and will do.

Today I am grateful that the people who heard from loved ones (and some apparently not-so-loved) had some special moments, and can take comfort.

I'm also grateful for MrsH and MrsF's friendship, this second time round living in Dublin. We shared several bottles of Prosecco, laughed and danced til 2am.

Can't wait to do it all again,

With friendship

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