Saturday, 6 June 2015

Blogging 101 - Better Late Than Never

As those of you who have been following me for a while now (THANK YOU), ms-havachat's dream, like most bloggers dreams is to have a loyal and interactive following, to engage with you on a regular basis, and to know that even in a small way, I'm helping make a positive difference.

The blog started simply because a few friends in Yokohama thought I should blog about our impending move to the UK as they thought we 'moved well', 'landed well' and 'lived well' as expats. MrsB also commented on how organised and calm I was (little did she know) and that I could help others who were about to move, or land or settle.

It didn't take me long to find a name, after all, ms-havachat's been a nickname from my childhood and being able to chat has been a huge asset socially.

ms-havachat's kept a pretty low profile with family (not sure one of them knows about it even now); and has slowly invited friends to join in the chats (most of you have chosen to quietly receive email alerts that a new chat's been published, and email me your thoughts), and a couple of months ago, ms-havachat finally worked out how to get onto FB as a separate entity (and boy, is she having fun!)

I'm starting to feel more confident (I know I know - me, lacking in confidence, yes when it comes to self promotion) about letting people know that I blog, and that she has her own Facebook page and if they'd like to LIKE her and share with friends (WELCOME new friends) it's appreciated. It's really lovely watching our little community grow.

Big thank you to friends who have shared the word. Your support is very much appreciated.

We all need mentors, people we look up to for guidance and advice. I've been fortunate to have many mentors over the years, and recently my new blogging mentors are inspiring me on so many levels. I wand to thank these ladies, MrsWoog, Sarah Derrig and Kirsty Rice for their inspiration and creative energy.

If you haven't read these blogs, you MUST! Drop back here, or on ms-havachat's Facebook page and let me know what you think.

Kirsty and Sarah created BloggingMe a while ago and host regular blogging workshops in Doha. I would love to be part of that community - but Dublin to Doha for a day is a bit OTT, so I follow them religiously online.

The wonderful thing that happened as a result of me putting it out to the universe that ms-havachat is ready for the next growth spurt, is that a local blogger, French Foodie in Dublin (the name says it all, right) hosts BLOGGING FOR BEGINNERS WORKSHOPS and I'm going TODAY!

I'm so excited!

Today I get to meet French Foodie in Dublin, in person.

Today I get to meet other bloggers living in Dublin.

Today I get to use my brain in a learning environment (hope I remember how)

Today I get to be inspired even more to ensure ms-havachat continues to grow and develop.

So, watch this space guys!

There's a new logo coming, a new format, some funky blogging icons and 'stuff'.

You ready for a fun ride with me?

With friendship

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