Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Another Opportunity to Go With The Flow

Our landlords want their house back.

They moved back from their overseas posting, have had baby no2 and quite rightly want to 'come home'. They've been living with her mum and dad for several months, waiting patiently for the lease to expire.

We were quietly wishing they would be able to wait another year or two but in reality knew they would want their house back - heck, we would if we were in their shoes.

We often have opportunities thrust upon us with which we learn to breath deep, and go with the flow. No point getting angry or upset. It is what it is, we can't change it, so we make the most of it.

Meanwhile, truth me known I want to scream NOOOOOOOOOOO.

We love it here!

Great location.

Great house for entertaining.

Green outlook.


We dream of a mortgage. Of owning our own home. Decorating it to our style and taste, tho goodness knows what that even is. Choosing paint colours, designing our kitchen, landscaping our garden.
Blissful dreaming.

The beauty of renting is, all care and beyond paying the rent, no real financial outlay towards the upkeep of maintenance.

Up til now, we've never been asked to leave at the end of a lease. Our landlords have always been very happy to have us stay on, or we've moved onto the next Adventure and we've paid the rent until the end of the lease or they find a new tenant.

International moves means international packers and shipping. It's stressful but it's all done for you.

I can't remember the last time we had to do our own packing or arrange our own move. My head is already spinning with things to organise, and we only found out officially half an hour ago.

How many house moves have you had?

I can recall 14 in Sydney + 4 international moves.

Another opportunity to purge. I'm already looking through cupboard doors and thinking of what to keep, and what to get rid of. Quite a bit of stuff here belongs to the landlords, so I'll need to sort their stuff out from ours - imagine if it get's packed and moved with us!

Another chance to start over with new neighbours (tho we've not really got to know the one's here), short cuts to school, local shops.

Next house we'll make sure we've got gas on the hob/stove/range as we've not enjoyed using the induction hob at all. We'll miss the 3 ovens, especially the steaming oven. I won't miss hitting my head on the bathroom cupboard as I bend over and under to clean my teeth - the basin is narrower than the cupboard. The half wall to the shower it too short, so the water from the shower head (which comes out farther than the glass wall is long) goes all over the bathroom floor - won't miss that!

We'd love the next house to have one extra room for toys/arts/crafts/TV.

Miss the huge storage space in the attic!

Love the remote control garage door (not common in Dublin).

And free off street parking (so many friends live with metered parking or no street parking at all)

We'll miss the incredibly open, light, bright, warm kitchen/dining area; it's been great for entertaining and the odd cooking demonstration.

The yard is huge and despite the crappy weather, we do enjoy it when we can.

So there are pro's and con's as always to a new beginning, regardless of how ready you are for it.

Summer can be the best, and worst of times to move.

Best, because people tend to move over summer; worst because so many people are moving in, that there's a mad rush to secure the house you want.

Rents in Dublin are on the rise (again) purely due to supply and demand.

Only last month, reported a 'chronic shortage' of rental properties, and those on the market were hugely inflated.

Friends have been looking to rent something for months and can't find anything decent or of value; while others have opted to buy instead of rent, and they are struggling too. I'm not looking forward to this at all.

With MissM settled in school, and our gym membership, and G's work within walking distance, we really want to stay in the area, however that might be nigh on impossible if there's nothing to rent.

At least they've had the decency to give us fair notice; we've til August to find somewhere and move. Fortunately we've not got a long summer vacation planned. We've time to look, purge, sort, pack'n'move.

So, please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us that we'll find another beautiful home soon. And, if you live in South Dublin and know of a 4-5 bedroom home coming up for lease please let me know via a quiet message here or email.

With friendship

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