Sunday, 16 August 2015

ms-havahcat's on the move: End of Adventure No4, Part 2

And so we come to the end (well nearly) of our 4th Adventure, Part 2, Dublin.

Tonight's our last night sleeping in our home.

Tomorrow, the packers arrive, and we move into a friends place for a few nights before taking the early morning ferry to the UK to start Adventure No5, Part 2.

We're so organised it's not funny. MissM is teaching G how to play Minecraft, while I reminisce.

After cleaning out the fridge/freezer, and wiping out cupboards this morning, I've had the photo albums out this afternoon and been scrolling thru photos on the laptop that will be put into albums over the next few months as our time comes to an end. MissM's Dublin school album has turned out busier than expected which is good.

The past two years have flown by. Several people have commented that it's a shame we only had a year here and when I correct them they are in denial. NO WAY it's been two years, they say.

We slotted back into our life here as if we'd never left.

We made new friends thru school, and of course the International Women's Club.

This Adventure wasn't long enough. It went too fast. One more year would have been great but so much harder to leave. Schools been fantastic for MissM. The new school sounds amazing. It'll be nice to be back with 'old' friends in the UK and make more memories with them. It's sad to leave Dublin friends, some for the second time.

We had a great time in Budapest with Mr&MrsS; we had a lovely weekend in Copenhagen Mr&MrsH; our 3 weeks in Italy last summer were amazing, as was our time in Portugal this year.

We've had a few visitors, watched the Wallabies play Ireland at Aviva Stadium, saw Dara O'Briain at Vicar Street, been to ballets and musicals and more.

It's been a lovely couple of years.

We are really excited to be living closer to London than Adventure No3; London is an obvious destination point, so we are expecting to be back in B&B mode which is nice. Mum and the in-laws have already said they'll visit.

With friends already there, we are excited to see them and make weekend plans to hang out; I've even got a lunch invitation! I've bought tickets to see the Royal Ballet perform The Nutcracker as a Christmas gift for MissM; I've re-subscribed to various galleries and museums in London; even found my 'old' hairdresser!

We learned from the mistakes we made in the UK last time, and are looking forward to a much more positive and fun 5th Adventure.

While all this sounds positive, the past few days have been nightmarish in terms of the move. I've no energy to share it with you now, but I will, once it's a memory that we can laugh about cos right now the thought of what's happened and will happen over the next few months brings tears to  my eyes. Suffice to say, it's not been easy but it is improving.

I think I might take the break in blogging to redesign ms-havachat, and come back with a new look, what do you think? What would you like to see?

Best get back to the oven, it's just finished it's self clean cycle.

With friendship

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