Monday, 17 August 2015

ms-havachat's on the move - Packing Rituals

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When you move internationally you are exempt from packing your household items. I know! Imagine not being able to pack your own stuff, but rather sit around all day like Lady Muck, checking emails and listening to podcasts or reading while other people bend'n'stretch wrapping your precious bits'n'bobs into huge sheets of greyish white sheets of paper.

The reason for this is simply insurance.

They are 100% responsible.

If it's broken, you claim for it.

If you pack it, and it breaks, tough luck.

The only things that you should pack (and this might sound obvious) is your personal things like jewellery, medicines etc. and pop them somewhere safe, away from the packers to ensure they don't get packed with everything else.

Also, important papers like marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports etc. should be with you at all times.

I've kept all the boxes from major appliances (within reason) and ornaments, glassware and good crockery. G and I had fun over the weekend putting the last few appliances back into the boxes they came in. Some were more tricky than others, but he's really good at puzzles so it was fine. The boxes are left open for the packers to see before they seal them and pack them onto the truck.

We've put our suitcases with the clothes we'll need for the next few days, toiletries etc into the garage and locked the internal access door so they stay safe.

If you are about to embark on a sea shipment that can take months to get to you, you have to think about the climate you are going to in terms of clothes, the length of time you'll be without stuff and pack accordingly.

We don't get airfreight component, some people do. I wish we did! It would make life that little bit easier (and less expensive) at the other end. Some friends who have the luxury of airfreight pack plastic ware (aka Tupperware) and recycled shopping bags, towels, sheets, toys etc, simple pieces so you don't have to buy them when you get there. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but repeating the 'setting up' phase every time sux.

The other things we pack are our ornaments and MissM memory table bits'n'bobs mainly cos we've the boxes they come in, and they are tiny and fiddly. We use old shoe boxes and lots of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is your best friend. Don't throw it out when you're done with it! Keep it in a large bag in the attic or basement for the 'next move'. The lids are left off the boxes for the packers to see before they pop them into larger packing boxes onto the truck.

This is the first move in 5 international moves G is actually here! (Well he's actually having a lovely breakfast with MissM). He's overwhelmed these past few days with my preparation. He reckons it's as akin to cleaning before the cleaner comes. It's not. It's organisation. The 3 packers have had their tour of what's to stay (purple post it note attached) and what's to stay; they've seen what's already packed ready for their inspection before final pack; everything we are taking with us is in the garage so there's no panic. Our TO DO list still has a few things on it, but they'll be crosses off over the next two days.

As tradition has it, he probably won't be home when the truck arrives and everything is unpacked.

It's a weird feeling.

Packing up - yet again to start over.

The rituals are the same, just different men doing the packing.

Seems we only unpacked!

Tomorrow it's the deep clean and Wednesday the carpet guy then the final inspection from the real estate agent, then we hand the keys back and we're gone ....................

With friendship

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