Monday, 3 August 2015

ms-havachat's on the move - Signing UP and Signing OUT

Love these littles guys on Google Images

We've entered the TRANSITION phase of international moving.

The time when you SIGN UP while SIGNING OUT.

Thankfully there are so many helpful 'local' websites, ready to aid in assimilating to your new area. You just need to make the time to Google Search various subjects and BAM! information overload.

So far, I've SIGNED UP to two local community closed groups on Facebook which promote local activities, markets and special events in the area we'll be living. It's a lively group and we already feel connected in a weird way.

Naturally, the local tourism websites are also valuable finds - the greater surrounding area is so pretty, with lots of history to learn, places to discover, and things to do on weekends.

As I hope to be back'n'forth to London mid-week, I've rejoined various Facebook pages and websites for galleries and theatres, museums and National Trust.

While SIGNING UP and getting excited about what's to come, it's sad to SIGN OUT of Dublin based Facebook pages and groups and remove my name from various email lists.

I'll really miss Dublin Free Event Guide, it's an amazing feat of love and commitment from one man. We've had some very enjoyable days out thanks to the Guide. is helpful in sourcing a new place to eat. The ability to book online, review and earn points to spend in restaurants is a good concept (imagine if TripAdvisor did that - rewarded you with real points to spend in real places for quality reviews)

The OPW Card is a great investment, encouraging us to get out'n'about and see some amazing sites Ireland has to offer.

MissM received a few gift vouchers, and G has won a few, so we've been shopping a bit more than usual spending them. MissM bought herself a lovely bracelet with a clover on it, to remind her of Ireland.

The SIGNING OUT reminds me that we've had a great time in Dublin (again).

The SIGNING UP reminds me that we're going to have a great time in Surrey.

If you are moving try to keep a balance on what you are leaving and where you are going. While you don't need your inbox or FB feeds to be full of stuff that is irrelevant, it's nice to be reminded of how helpful they were - you never know who might need to know about them!

With friendship

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