Thursday, 9 February 2017

ms-havachat explores Ripley, Surrey

The buildings on the High Street are charming
Ripley, Surrey.

Half way between MrsG and I to meet for lunch. For those of you in London, it's about a 40 minute drive - so not difficult at all! Make time to get out of the city for a day.

The village goes back as far as Norman times (10th and 11th century England). There's a date stamp on the church, St Mary Magdalen of circa 1160 (don't you LOVE history! Considering Australia wasn't even discovered til 1770, these dates always blow my mind) The Churches a Grade II listed building (the second highest of the three categories) and is amongst more than 20 listed buildings and cottages in village.

It's really delightful!

We met at Pinnocks' Cafe (one of the listed buildings) and had tea, and enjoyed the atmosphere so much we stayed for lunch (plus it was really cold outside)

Sweet, authentic Pinnocks Cafe

The service was friendly and you could tell it was frequented by regulars as well as out oft owners (like us). It was so warm and cosy inside, that when we walked in our glasses fogged up! There are several communal tables and a few tables for smaller groups. We were very happy tucked in by the window on a communal table.

Loved the tea cups a saucers, the menu was absolutely home-made foods, and the cakes were delicious. RUSSELL'S MUMS FRUIT CAKE made me smile.

The streets are a photographers delight! 

The streetscape is picturesque, ready for a local artist to come along and interpret. As well as Pinnocks Cafe, the Ship Inn and Ye Old Sweet Shoppe, Clock House are among other Listed Buildings. Each one has been meticulously cared for.

Ceders House Gallery, bottom left, is another listed building.

While eating lunch, several groups of professional looking country-walkers came inside for a bit to eat and a hot drink. Ripley Green is apparently the largest in England is 65 acres! Fortunately for the area, it's protected as 'open space' which is fantastic!

While we didn't get there this time, Dunsbourough Park is famous, dating back to 1539 looks amazing. 

There's also the River Wey to be enjoyed on a summers day (too cold for me at the moment). Check out information about the Way Navigation here. 

There's even a LAKE to SAIL on! Papercourt, is a lake of about 44 acres, on 50 acres of land and is where you'll find Papercourt Sailing Club (!)

This gorgeous village is also famous for cycling - with the Olympic Road Race going thru in July 2012.

For more information about this truly beautiful part of Surrey, please go to the website.

I am so glad MrsG suggested we met here for lunch!

You must let me know if you have been to Ripley or if you go ......... 

With friendship

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