Friday, 10 February 2017

ms-havachat's thoughts on closing

I shared on ms-havachat's Facebook page a while ago (you really should visit and LIKE it, then follow it and join in the chats there) that after nearly 2 years, I had finally managed to have the mypublisher software accept my album and payment for a holiday we did in Copenhagen. When the accept option worked and the album started uploading without a glitch, and the payment was accepted, and the confirmation email arrived I was delighted!

This album is a symbol of my stubbornness. G told me on numerous occasions when I asked him for IT help to delete the software and find a new provider. He even suggested at one point to not make albums - can you imagine??????????? What on earth is the point of taking photos if NOT to make albums?

With constant software glitches and 385 photos being downloaded from my MacBookAir photo software in no apparent order into mypublisher, I spent untold HOURS creating a spreadsheet of photo, ID and description including the all important date (who wants a holiday album that's out of chronological order????????????)

The help desk was no help. Their explanation was that their software wasn't compatible with MacBook Air. WT??????????? On too many occasions G would just shake his head and say 'find another program' snd still, I persisted in creating an album. HOURS upon HOURS of frustration creating the album pages, realising I'd missed a few photos, adding a page in .... then realising the flow of pages wasn't working, so having to back track in order to go forward.

THEN, searching online for the name of the Palace, or the museum etc so that the journalling alongside the photos meant something. The album is a pictorial emotional reminder of a fantastic weekend with our best friends from Sydney, doing things together we never thought we would.

When the hours of frustration got too much, I did search online for a replacement software, but none  came anywhere close to mypublisher. I would sign in to create an account, download the software, upload the photos, start to create the album but the layout options were never quite right, or the process of creating the pages and journalling didn't flow as well.

The biggest negative in changing companies was that no one else was offering the LAY FLAT PAGES option. This is a huge USP for the company, and its makes so much sense. That's one reason (IMHO) Creative Memories was  hit. Their albums worked on a flat-open spine which meant the pages opened flat and not all rounded in towards the spine. They last longer and the photos, especially double page spreads look amazing!

Lay Flat Pages are a must for all books as
it saves the wear and tear on the spine
and allows you to see right into the centre of the page
without that annoying roll.

Using mypublisher brought back fond memories of my days in magazines and newspapers when layout and design of pages was something I not only enjoyed doing, but was good at. Creative opportunities, flat open layout of pages, quality paper etc are all very important when creating a photo album of memories that you expect to last long after you're gone.

You can only imagine my response when one of my lovely FB followers informed me a few days ago that she received an email from mypublishers' GM saying they were closing mypublisher in May, having sold or merged with Shutterfly.



Today I received the email she mentioned, from Juiena Rahman, General Manager, explaining that on May 8, 2016, after 23 years, the business is closing. After that date, we are asked to please use Shutterfly.

Shutterfly is the American organisation that partners Ellen and gives away $US10,000 to very deserving people. In a fit of 'this software sux' I did suss out Shutterfly but didn't like it.

Shutterfly's logo along with several others, including mypublisher appear on the home page, so I'm hoping that this merge/acquisition means that they'll take the best of both online offerings and the customer will have an even broader choice.

So, now I will delete mypublisher from my laptop, and sign up with Shutterfly and create my first album with them.

Anyhow, if you want to email the GM of mypublisher and thank him for 23 years of great online photo albums, you can tell him ms-havacaht suggested it. I wonder if anyone at the company will read this?

Here's the email,

Here's a copy of my email:

Dear Juiena

Thank you for your email explaining the situation with mypublisher.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU and your team for the past 10 years of fun, creating online albums using your incredible software. I spent many years in print advertising, and loved the creative layout and design options as I felt my skills were put to great use creating ever lasting photographic memories for my family, especially our daughter.

You see, we are expats, and have called several countries home these past 10 years. Our photo albums are vitally important to us for so many reasons.

So, thank you for the memories,

Best wishes creating new ones,


  1. Its a sad comment on virtual comms these days - so many good things happen with the internet but so many bad things too. and so many legal, IP, copyright and basic information rights at stake. I hope you get some satisfaction from your service providers. And as I tell my students, nothing is free :-(

    1. Thanks Margarita.

      With them closing down in May it's either make ALL my outstanding albums quickly or find a new provider ........ might be in the same stable of brands, but it's a very different program. IMHO, my publisher was the software to keep and shutterfly the one to drop.