Monday, 29 July 2013

Phase 6: House Hunting

We're getting THERE slowly but surely.

We're still waiting on confirmation of the dates for the packers to be here, but I'm acting like it's a done deal.

Already done a trip to the local tip to recycle a few things, and have another load ready to go tomorrow. Sorted thru clothes, linen, shoes, towels, pillows, and pantry.

Trampoline is down; sand table legs are off and table is cleaned; CD's are downloaded and in the bin.

Even packed two suitcases of clothes to take with us in the car!

G started house hunting online while we were away and found a stunning house.  He emailed the agent, requesting an appointment to view the house and had the appointment an hour ago.

Sadly tho, before he got there, I texted to let him know the website is saying the house has been let, but they have other similar houses in the area and call if you are interested.

The agent didn't show up.

G's furious!

Not only was it a really lovely house, the agent never phoned/emailed to tell him.

Strangely enough I am not angry or upset about the house (tho the agent not turning up or telling G before hand is very annoying) as it's a house - there are others to see and we'll end up in the one we should be in ..... this one wasn't meant to be.

Fingers crossed I'm still this calm and philosophical next week, or the week after when we're still looking,

With friendship

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