Wednesday, 31 July 2013

MILL & FIL - Final Instalement: 'Til Next Visit

My late Aunt used to say guests were like fish - they went off after 2-3 days.

MrsA has a BF with her at the moment visiting for 10 days, and after 4 nights, she's wanting her space back.

When Mum visits (for months at a time) people comment to G what a great son-in-law he must be to which he answers, 'I'm at work, it's ms-havachat and MissM who have to put up with her' (he says it with a smile and love). Mind you, she would stay for the weekend regularly when we lived a mere 40 minutes away.

MrsB has a 7 night maximum on all guests. I've heard her explain to people over the phone, she's classic!

Several friends in various parts of the world deliberately don't have a guests bedroom so can't have anyone stay but are happy to organize a local hotel or B&B and have the visitors eat lunch/dinner and hang out - but not sleep over.

There are definitely 'better' guests than others.

We've chatted before about Guests. Some guests you are very happy to see leave while others become part of the family while they are with you and are a pleasure to have around. Some help, others like to be waited on because they are holidays or they don't feel comfortable 'mucking in'; the list of the ying/yang of being a house guest is a long one.

MIL and FIL's visit was surprisingly good. Their trips away were spread out well, a few days here, a week away with MissM, a few days here then a three and a half week river cruise in Europe, a week or so here, then 10 days driving around Cornwell, a few days here then a week in Majorca .... then Bath and home to Sydney. Easy to fill 3 months!

Being here for Grandparents Day at school was a highlight for MissM.

Spending a whole week together, just the 3 of them on The Isle of Wight was a huge success, and we certainly enjoyed Barcelona - just the 2 of us.


MIL and MissM have developed a very special relationship

Pa fixed things

The family holiday in Majorca was fun - the 5 of us swam, laughed, talked, rested, read, played and swam, laughed, talked, rested, read and played some more.

Protur Hotel, Safari Park, Sa Coma

But like all visits, they must end, and sometimes too quickly and when we're not quite ready.

MissM was sad but realistic knowing they had to go back to Sydney and we had to get ready to move to Dublin. A big hug, a kiss and off she ran to watch TV.

MIL held it together very well, tho the tears weren't far behind the door closing.

FIL was fine, ready to go home to his bed and his routine.

G's in Dublin so didn't really have an opinion.

I'm grateful to have my house, and daughter back!

As we say to all our guests, regardless of how long they stay with us 'til next visit, take care, see you on Skype.

As an expat you HAVE to be resilient to visitors - everyone has to go home at some point. We're not unfeeling, gosh, we miss people terribly at times, but we know it's a wasted emotion, especially when you can't do anything about it. So we focus on the good times, the fun memories, make sure we take lots of photos and look forward to the next visit,

We've all become very good at HELLO's and GOODBYE's, but some are harder than others,

With friendship,

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