Thursday, 1 August 2013

Goodbye Winchester

Winchester Cathedral

Adventure No 3 started on October 11, 2011. We moved into Hinton House on November 4. We'll be moving out August 10.

Hinton House. We lived on the left hand side of the house,
(still a very large home!)

It's been a tough adventure this time round - I'm not sure I'm ready to share why it's been tough, but suffice to say there's a huge part of me that's very happy to be closing the chapter on Adventure No 3.

Have you ever felt that way? Happy something is coming to an end?

Thinking about the last two years, there are things of course we'll miss; some things we won't and there's a lot to look forward to ......

Things I’ll miss:
Ikebana classes
Catching up with expat friends who have repatriated from Yokohama
My hairdresser
Living in a semi rural environment
Pottery classes
The outlook from every single window in our house
Our backyard on sunny days
Days out with English Heritage or National Trust
Exploring ruins, Abbey's, Churches and more.
Our vegie garden and gardner, Jo.
The beautiful thatched roofs on the 'hobbit houses'

Things I‘m happy to be leaving behind
The amount of time I've spent on my own.
Our house, funnily enough – too big when we don’t have guests
Living in a semi rural environment
The feeling of not belonging
The UK education system (at least the bit we've been exposed to)
Heart-FM South radio station
The weather (yeah yeah we're moving to Dublin)
G's incredibly long work hours (tho who knows what Dublin will be like)

Looking forward to:
Being busy
Renewing friendships
Reacquainting myself with International Women's Club
Finishing off the sight seeing from last time
MissM’s new school and all the wonderful opportunities and friendships waiting for her, and us.
Dinner and singing at Johnnie Foxes
G working more family friendly hours

Goodbye Winchester,
All the very best,
See you for a long weekend,

With friendship


  1. Good luck with your new adventures!

    1. Thanks Bam's Kitchen, we're looking forward to it very much. xo